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Kambo frog medicine ceremony

We are offering a 2 Kambo healing ceremonies 10-1pm & 5-8pm. The cost is $150 per treatment. Participants may join both or just one session. All spaces must be reserved and paid in full ahead of time and everyone is to be medically cleared by Caitlin to participate. We have limited space so please secure your spot ASAP so you don't miss out!

To book your spot call Nicole @ 602-751-7872
For questions about the medicine and process call Caitlin @ 858-736-6889

What is Kambo?

Kambo is a traditional Amazonian medicine where the skin secretion of the giant green monkey frog is applied to small superficial burns made on the skin. The ethically harvested secretion contains hundreds of bio-active peptides with potent scientifically studied medicinal properties such as antibiotic, anti-anti-inflammatory immune modulating and anti-cancerous effects. The treatment provides relief for a number of different conditions such as depression, pain, addiction, infections, chronic fat, gut dysbiosis, lyme disease, auto-immune conditions and more. 

How Can Kambo Help me?

Kambo serves as a powerful detoxification tool on the physical, spiritual and emotional levels. It helps to eliminate heavy metals, pathogenic and overgrown organisms such a candida as well as purge emotional trauma and negative energies. 

It has a strong ability to provide clarity and assist in life transitions and shifting patterns that are no longer serving you.
• Have an empty stomach and be free from stimulants. For eight hours prior to Kambo please do not eat anything and avoid stimulants such as coffee.
• Be completely honest with your Practitioner. By making a full disclosure of any medications or serious medical conditions that you may have you protect both yourself and the practitioner. Please take the time to share and to let the practitioner know of your special needs prior to the ceremony.

For frequently asked questions, please visit 
or call/email Caitlin at 858 736 6889,

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