Raise the Vibration Reiki Healing Studio


Raise the Vibration Reiki Healing Studio is a safe space for community, healing and learning through the practice of            Reiki, Yoga & Meditation for Holistic Healing.

The studio has been serving Phoenix community since 2011,
founded by Nicole Duran (
Maya Devi).

RTV is centrally located in the heart of the Biltmore area: 
4729 North 24th Street, Phoenix, AZ

                Please call for more information:


Upcoming Events


  • Reiki Level 2 - July 29th
  • Reiki Level 3 - August 6th
  • Reiki Level 1 - Aug 12th & 13th

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Meditation Schedule

  • New Moon - July 24th
  • Full Moon - August 7th
  • Full Moon - September 6th
  • New Moon - September 20

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