Healing Services

Energy healing & balancing

Energy healing & balancing


our holistic practice consists of a fusion of these integrated modalities:


Reiki is a healing practice that activates more life force energy inside the body to support the body’s ability to naturally heal, align and repair itself. 


Reflexology is a practice of using gentle pressure on certain parts of the hands and feet for circulatory support detoxification to strengthen and tone the body.

Hot Stone Treatment

Sones are placed in heated water and used on the body to enable deep muscle relaxation.

Lymphatic Massage

A gentle technique of rubs, strokes, taps and light pressure used to assist the healing and movement of lymphatic fluid for detoxification of the body.


The practice of using essential oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being.

Sound Therapy

Vibrational energy healing, sound, tone and resonance to restore natural vibration.

Energy Balancing

Energetic practice of working with the Chakra system to increase and boost vitality. 


Working with the conscious release of unhealthy or toxic energies and substances that may form subconscious addiction patterns that may cause allergies or dis-ease in the body.


The practice of working with live & organic foods as a means to health and healing. 

Breath Work 

Allowing conscious breath to circulate oxygen throughout the body for cleansing.

Chakra Clearing

Opening, healing and balancing the energetic centers for sacred healing experience.

We use a variety of integrated modalities as well as a wide range of indigenous teachings, tools and traditions to honor a natural approach to healing.

Clients are encouraged to eat a healthy and organic diet to improve their health. Our holistic healing services are designed to meet each client where they are at in their journey. (birth, death, life, rebirth)  

We provide intuitive and deep listening to the body to support a cleanse and opening of the energetic systems for balance, detox and cellular repair. 

Through deep relaxation, we are able access, improve and heal the energetic systems of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional energetic bodies.

Available for: private sessions, family healing sessions, couples work and tandem sessions.  

Kids Reiki Class

Kids Reiki Class