About Raise the Vibration

Nicole Duran, Founder of RTV

Nicole Duran, Founder of RTV

Raise the Vibration (RTV) concept was inspired by the necessity to bring a new level of consciousness and awareness to the community. We are happy to offer services that inspire mindful care for the self, the community and the environment. Our treatment services offer balancing to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues that we see around us: addiction, dis-ease in the body, loss of sense of self, toxicity, unhealthy relationships and other imbalances in the planet. Raise the Vibration aspires to offer solutions through a personal practice of healing and a holistic approach to mind, body & spirit wellness and lifestyle.

The organization was started in 2008 by creating and supporting earth-friendly green events that offer organic vegetarian food and promote trash-free and recycling concepts. Raise the Vibration has participated in many local events that feature art, music and dance to share in the message of living a healthy lifestyle and building caring communities. RTV also supported and assisted various community leaders that bring more positive influence and empowerment to the youth in the community. Throughout our work we have relied on the traditional Reiki teachings and principles of that philosophy to help us achieve our vision to build and support a caring community.

The Raise the Vibration Reiki Healing Studio was founded in May of 2011. The Studio is centrally located in the heart of Biltmore area in Phoenix, Arizona. We are a family-friendly community hub offering holistic healing, bodywork, life coaching, intuitive readings and meditation. The studio is a safe space for friends to gather and experience the high vibrational benefits of healing energy, learning and practicing health and wellness through music, diet, meditation and other community events. By 2017 RTV Reiki Healing Studio has hosted hundreds of events, provided over 5000 treatments and sent out into the world over a 100 graduates of Reiki Master program.

Nicole Duran is the founder of Raise the Vibration and a Master Teacher who offers a holistic practice of Reiki energy and hands-on healing, bodywork, meditation and yoga. Nicole invested 12 years into working in the behavioral health field where she was a youth-at-risk advocate working with teens in the foster care system. She has completed Master Teacher training in Reiki and Yoga and holds Bachelor degree in Ministerial Duties and Metaphysical Sciences from SWIHA. Today Nicole offers healing services and develops events at Raise The Vibration Reiki Healing Studio and empowers others of all ages to strengthen their mind, body and spirit with a self practice of yoga, reiki and meditation.